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I'm Karthick.

I am a UX designer based in Chennai, India. I have over 9+ years of UX/UI experience, 6+ years as a full-time UX Designer, and a proven track record of delivering impactful user experiences, with expertise in UX Research, User Centered Design and Usability.

With the Usability Analyst Certification (CUA) from HFI, I have a strong background in Design Methodologies, Principles, Usability and Accessibility.

📓 Design Philosophy

  • Achieving the best possible solution with what we have.

  • keeping it simple.

  • There is no only one right solution.

  • Design should be intuitive, accessible, useful and efficient.

  • Design should consider human limitations, possibilities, mental models and demographics.

  • Achieving the business goal is as important as solving user problems.

  • Rely on user research and usability test findings more than assumptions.

  • Rely on user emotions and behaviour more than what they say.

👉🏽 Approach
It begins with defining and implementing an UX strategy, empathizing with users, and carefully analyzing the "how," "why," "what," and "when" of the product and having a user-centered approach to solving complex problems. I leverage extensive research and data to make informed design decisions, which enables me to create intuitive solutions.


💪🏽 Expertise

UX/UI | User Centered Design | Research | Usability | Prototyping | Wireframes | Figma | Design Systems | Cross-Functional Team Collaboration.

✏️ Work
I have worked across diverse industries and product encompassing B2B, B2C, enterprise solutions, and SaaS platforms. Focused on solving complex problems with proven customer and business impact and crafting innovative digital solutions that drive user engagement and business growth.

🏃🏽 Motivation
I’m passionate about working on digital products that improve a user’s daily workflow.
My goal is to design easy-to-use and enjoyable products that satisfy user and business needs.

🔍 Interest
Learning to leverage Data analytics to make informed decisions. Exploring the usage of Machine Learning and Data Science to build an engaging experience, innovative problem solving, helping users make intuitive decisions, and improving business growth.

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